• 600 Watts Output (Vin > 120VRMS)
• Peak Power Capability (750W 5sec)
• 7” x 4” x 1.61” footprint
• Convection/Conduction/Forced-Air Cooled
• Modular & User Configurable
• Low Power Standby Mode (<1W)
• High Efficiency—Up To 90%
• Additional 5V 1A Bias Supply
• Remote Voltage & Current Programming
• Current Output Signal
• Accurate Current Sharing
• Programmable Start-Up State (Laser Apps)
• IEC60601 Ed. 3 (Immunity to Ed. 4)
• MIL-STD 810G
• MIL-STD 461F
• MIL-STD 704F
• SEMI F47 Compliant
• 5 Year Warranty

VCCM600M Data Sheet
VCCM Series Output A
VCCM Series Output B
VCCM Series Output C
VCCM Series Output D
VCCM600 Series Evaluation Kit

Manuals and Application Notes
Instruction Manual
User Manual
Hi-pot Testing and Instructions

Technical Reports
EMC Report
Environmental Report

Safety Approvals
UL & CB Certificate
C E Declaration

Mechanical Drawings
2D Model
3D Model

Series and Parallel Links
Cable Sets and Heatsinks


The medically approved VCCM600M conduction cooled configurable power supply delivers a silent 600 Watts and up to 750 Watts of peak power for 5 seconds in a rugged 4” x 7” package and is the ultimate power solution for applications where reliability or audible noise are of concern. The product combines the advantages of a modular and configurable power supply with the high reliability of a fan-less architecture. Depending on your application, the VCCM600M can be configured as a conduction, convection or forced air cooled solution and this versatility allows the unit to be seamlessly integrated across a vast range of applications, which makes it perfect for standardising your power platform.

Designed with highest reliability and versatility in mind, the VCCM600M is suitable for applications ranging from the most controlled to the harshest of environments. Standard features include full output voltage adjust range, externally controllable voltage and current and series & paralleling of outputs. The unique design approach and heat dissipation techniques allows the unit to be mounted in virtually any orientation giving system designers even more flexibility. The series is approved to latest medical safety (IEC/UL60601-1-2 3rd Edition) and EMC standards and features market leading specifications and design in application support.

Additional information

Power (W)


Number of Outputs

1 to 4

Output Voltage

-58 to +58VDC

Operating Temperature

-40 to +70 (with derating)