Medical Power

Medical device manufacturers have unique challenges when selecting their power supply partner, driven by market demands and legislation affecting both clinical and home-care environments. Power Partners medical power products are designed with an understanding of those requirements, resulting in cost-effective solutions that incorporate the most sought after features such as EN60601-1 3rd Edition compliance, Class II approvals to address the growing home health care market, and small form factors.

Power Partners offers a wide variety of medical grade power supplies:

  • Wallmount/Desktop designs from 24W to 250W, for both Class I and Class II installations
  • Open Frame/U-Channel designs, including BF Rated products and Class I and Class II products

When integrating a medical grade power supply into critical applications, our customers require reliable, high quality products that are supported for a long life cycle. To ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability, our design and manufacturing teams utilize strict DFMEA and PFMEA processes and our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Engineers and system integrators can rely on Power Partners to have a thorough understanding of the latest medical compliance standards and to have readily available risk assessment files for our products, as well as full safety and EMC reports. Modified standard and custom design requests are welcomed. Contact our Applications Engineering Department for more details.

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