Industrial Power

Power Partners’ industrial products are widely used in applications such as printers, test and measurement instruments, factory automation, industrial controls, and consumer communications/networking devices.   All products are designed to comply with safety and efficiency requirements pertinent to industrial applications.   Many of our desktop adaptors already meet Efficiency Level VI levels!   Our competitive price points and individualized stocking programs make them attractive solutions for today’s cost conscious companies.

Power Partners’ Industrial Products includes:

  • Wallmount Power Supplies
  • Desktop Power Supplies including ultra-slim footprints
  • Open Frame/U-Channel Power Supplies

Our customers in this market segment often have special requirements, such as peak output power for short durations or selected output connectors for wallmount/desktop products.   Our Sales and Applications Departments offer industry leading customer service to quickly handle these requests.

Click on the links below to see our selection of Industrial Grade Power Supplies:


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