Technical Bulletin – March 2019

The AC in Your DC: An Overview of Ripple & Noise Introduction The output of an AC/DC power converter is not necessarily a pure direct current waveform. In fact the DC output is actually a superimposition of some desired constant voltage and two AC artifacts known as ripple and noise. The relative magnitude of these […]

TT Electronics acquires Power Partners Inc.

TT extends power systems and solutions portfolio, expands North American  presence, and increases footprint in medical and connected health applications    Woking, UK, 26 March, 2019 – TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today announced the acquisition of Power Partners, a leading provider of medical and industrial specialist power products for the North American market. The firm is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and complements TT’s global power electronics business with new products and design […]

Technical Bulletin – February 2019

Loading Constraints: Understanding Maximum Capacitance Introduction The average PCB is home to an assortment of passive circuit elements, often including a broad array of capacitors of different types, ratings, and values. A capacitors sole function from a fundamental physical perspective is to store electric potential energy within an electric field between its electrodes. Circuit designers […]

Compact – High Density – Low Cost 65 Watt Interchangeable Wall Mount Power Supply

Compact – High Density – Low Cost 65 Watt Interchangeable Wall Mount Power Supply Editorial Contact: Judi Zullo, Hudson, MA –Power Partners, Inc. is pleased to announce their PSAW65I Series of 65W low cost interchangeable AC blade wall mount power supplies. The PSAW65I Series packs 65W into a compact case, measuring 4.62” x 1.98” […]

Technical Bulletin – January 2019

The Case of the Missing Energy An Overview of AC/DC Conversion Losses Introduction What constitutes an ideal system? This is vague question that is sure to yield a multitude of different responses depending on who you ask. If you ask a power electronics engineer, they will probably tell you that an ideal system is one […]

Technical Bulletin – December 2018

Safety Approvals: The PSE Mark Introduction Japan is widely considered to have the third largest economy in the world. It is no surprise that Japan is an appealing market for the sale of all sorts of goods, including electronics. However, to sell a product into the Japanese market manufacturers must first obtain all of the […]

Technical Bulletin – November 2018

Going the Distance: DC Cable Length Consideration Introduction Here at Power Partners, a significant majority of our business is in developing modified-standard AC/DC converters, tailoring one of our off-the-shelf solutions to meet the more particular needs of a specific application. The modifications we have developed over the years span a wide range of technical challenges, […]

Technical Bulletin – September 2018 (2)

Safety Approvals: Limited Power Sources and Types of Limiting Introduction Most industrial AC/DC power supply labels are littered with a wide assortment of agency approval marks. In examining the approval marks on lower-power adaptors, one may occasionally come across the three letter acronym: LPS. We receive inquiries almost weekly regarding the LPS compliance of our […]

PDAM120 Series

Compact 120 Watt AC-DC Medical & ITE Power Supply

Compact 2×3, 120 Watt AC-DC Medical & ITE Power Supply Class I or Class II Versions Editorial Contact: Judi Zullo, Download Press Release (PDF) Hudson, MA – Power Partners, Inc. is pleased to announce their PDAM120 Series of 120W ac/dc power supplies that feature either Class I or Class II input configurations and are […]

Technical Bulletin – September 2018

Quality Management Systems ISO9001:2015 Introduction Both Power Partners Inc and Protek Power North America are now ISO9001:2015 registered companies! Developing and implementing an ISO9001 recognized quality management system is an increasingly valuable stride toward fostering sustainable business development initiatives. The fourth edition of the ISO9001 standard, which was published in 2008, will no longer be […]