TT Electronics Launches Modular Configurable Products

New Vox Power Modular Configurable Power Supply Solutions 6 April 2020 – We are pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Vox Power that will broaden TT’s power supply portfolio to include user-configurable solutions and the most compact modular units in the world, fuelling further innovation in medical and industrial applications. “With these power […]

Technical Bulletin – February 2020

Introduction From the capital of Tibet, to the once-bustling mining town of Leadville, Colorado, our planet’s mountainous terrain has not stopped mankind from settling down in some pretty altitudinous places. Residents of the world’s highest cities have acclimated to the decrease in pO2 , but design engineers need to ensure that their electronic devices are […]

TT Electronics Launches High Efficiency 150W Medical and Industrial Power Supply

PPWAM150 series AC-DC power supply offers industry leading power density of 21 watts per cubic inch Woking, UK, 5 February 2020 –  TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today announced the launch of its PPWAM150 series medical and ITE approved power supplies with industry leading power density. Offering a […]

MD&M West 2020

The World’s Largest Medical Design & Manufacturing Event As medtech surges ahead, professionals in this dynamic industry need one place to cross paths annually to swap ideas, find inspiration, overcome challenges, and source products to keep their engineering projects humming. Enter Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West — the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing […]

Technical Bulletin – December 2019

Introduction Knowledge of a power converter’s input current characteristics can prove useful for determining how many devices can be powered by a given electrical service/outlet without tripping breakers in the power system. Input current ratings given on switch-mode power supply (SMPS) nameplates are worst-case steady state figures and therefor can only provide useful insight into […]

TT Electronics Launches High Density Protek Power N3 Desktop Power Supplies

High efficiency, high power density AC-DC power supplies give OEMs a smaller option to complement compact designs TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, has announced the launch of the new Protek Power N3 Series, further enhancing the company’s ability to deliver high efficiency AC-DC power solutions to international standards. […]

Technical Bulletin – November 2019

Introduction As our population grows and ages and the cost of in-hospital care continues to rise, modern technologies are developed to facilitate remote monitoring and remote care for today’s patients. Moving healthcare away from the hospital and into the home provides patients with both convenience and cost savings. A challenge arises, however, for the regulatory […]

Technical Bulletin – October 2019

Introduction While many of the developed world’s power grids are robust and mature systems, they are not perfect. The mains voltage (available from the outlets in homes, offices, hospitals and other facilities), supplying power to the electrical devices we use every day, is vulnerable to a number of complications. The AC/DC converters we employ to […]

TT Electronics Enters into Alliance with Coakley, Boyd and Abbett

Leading electronics manufacturers’ representative firm extends U.S. reach of  TT’s Power Partners branded medical and industrial power conversion products. TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, today announced it has entered into an alliance with Coakley, Boyd and Abbett, the long established and well-respected manufacturers’ representative, to market TT’s Power Partners brand. The […]

Technical Bulletin – August 2019

Introduction AC/DC power supplies can be classified into a broad array of genera depending on their physical construction and intended end use. These genera can be placed into one of two primary families, internal or external. Internal power supplies are those which, as the name suggests, will be installed within some end device as a […]