Technical Bulletin – November 2019

Power Supplies for Home Healthcare Applications: Implications of 60601-1-11


As our population grows and ages and the cost of in-hospital care continues to rise, modern technologies are developed to facilitate remote monitoring and remote care for today’s patients. Moving healthcare away from the hospital and into the home provides patients with both convenience and cost savings. A challenge arises, however, for the regulatory authorities and original equipment manufacturers who, respectively, demand and provide for the safety of these technologies. Unlike hospitals, patient’s homes are uncontrolled environments. There are no trained equipment operators, and there is no guarantee of a proper electrical installation. Accordingly, additional measures must be taken to ensure that medical electrical equipment remains safe for use in these uncontrolled environments. To standardize these additional measures, a group of clinicians, engineers, and regulators established the 60601-1-11 collateral standard: Requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems used in the home healthcare environment.

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