Technical Bulletin – March 2019

The AC in Your DC: An Overview of Ripple & Noise


The output of an AC/DC power converter is not necessarily a pure direct current waveform. In fact the DC output is actually a superimposition of some desired constant voltage and two AC artifacts known as ripple and noise. The relative magnitude of these two AC components to the constant DC level is an important power supply design parameter that tells users how “clean” the DC output is expected to be. Excessive AC artifacts on DC supply lines can have undesirable effects on many types of downstream circuitry such as phase-locked loops, low noise amplifiers , etc.

This month’s bulletin will detail the characteristics, and sources of voltage ripple and power supply noise. Additionally, proper measurement techniques will be introduced, as well as an overview of the impacts that can be expected from using improper measurement techniques. Read more (view pdf) >>

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