Technical Bulletin – December 2018

Safety Approvals: The PSE Mark


Japan is widely considered to have the third largest economy in the world. It is no surprise that Japan is an appealing market for the sale of all sorts of goods, including electronics. However, to sell a product into the Japanese market manufacturers must first obtain all of the necessary agency approvals. For the majority of electrical and electronic devices, this means obtaining a Product Safety; Electrical Appliance and Material mark, or PSE mark. The PSE mark indicates a products compliance with the DENAN (DENKI YOHIN ANZEN HO) Law, or in English, the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.

The DENAN law is markedly different from the product approval legislation seen throughout other regions of the globe in a number of ways. The uniqueness of the DENAN law can spawn many a confusion for OEMs as they prepare to enter the Japanese market. This month’s technical bulletin provides a high-level overview of the DENAN law and the processes surrounding obtaining and maintaining a PSE mark, with a particular focus on AC/DC power supplies in the industrial and medical product markets.Read more (view pdf) >>

Technical Bulletin: PSE Marks
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