Technical Bulletin – June 2018

Load Sharing Considerations: Why Two is Not Always Better Than One


From time to time, we get asked about the current sharing capabilities of our power supplies, and whether or not they can feed a
load in parallel. This usually comes up when discussing modular system applications where the desire is for independent supplies to be able to be added and removed from a central power bus, or occasionally when our highest-power offering still isn’t quite big enough for the application at hand. More often then not, the simple answer to the question is no, but to those who prefer to understand why, this article is for you.
In addition to analyzing the exact physical reasons why simple paralleling does not usually work as one might assume, this
article will highlight the abundant constraints of one of the most commonly referenced, though perhaps most limited load sharing tactics, and will discuss what mechanisms must exist to facilitate proper load sharing. Read more (view pdf) >>

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