Technical Bulletin – February 2018

Hazard Based Standard IEC 62368-1 to Replace IEC 60950-1 in 2020

Why IEC 60950-1 is Going Away

Gone are the days when a telephone was just a telephone, and a printer was just a printer. The technology around us has become increasingly smart with every year that passes. While the ubiquity of smart-gear in the modern world provides for innumerable conveniences to us in our everyday lives, it presents a significant challenge to the agencies responsible for policing product safety. These agencies create safety standards that product manufacturers must conform to if they wish to sell their products to certain markets within certain geographical regions, and they do so towards the ultimate goal of keeping people safe.

For many years, it was a trivial endeavor to identify what safety risks may be associated with particular pieces of equipment based on the construction of the device and the way that humans were meant to (or may reasonably) interact with it. For this reason, it has been common practice for agencies to specify independent standards for fairly narrow categories of equipment. However , the evolution of technology quickly shifts, blurs, or even eliminates the lines drawn between these categories…. Read More (view pdf)>>

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